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I began my professional career in the Aerospace industry as a software engineer at Raytheon and during that time received numerous awards and recognition for my work on assigned projects.  It was during this technical period at Raytheon that I learned how to explain complex situations in layman’s terms and I believe this skill has proven extremely useful in my financial planning career particularly as it relates to the details of financial matters like IRAs, annuities, investing and retirement/financial planning.  I also found that I really enjoyed this teaching / education component of my role.  Finally, it was also during this time that I realized the importance of planning and that carries over today in my fundamental belief of having a financial plan before anything else.

In parallel with advancing my technical career, I also decided to further my education and received a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Arizona: Eller School of Business, which eventually helped to evolve my career into the financial planning industry.

After relocating to Austin, TX and starting a family, I launched my new career in financial planning as an Advisor with Edward Jones where I cut my teeth, learned the ins and outs of the business, and grew a successful practice in a small suburb outside of Austin.  I moved my practice to JP Morgan for a few years, earned my CFP® certification,  but decided that I really wanted to work in a much smaller organization, especially given the very personal nature of finances, and so started my own independent practice with Waddell & Reed.

Finally, and although I am a fairly private person, I have had a number of life changing experiences, through which I have come to admire and respect the individuals in the education and health care related fields.  As it turns out, these individuals have just as much need for financial planning as very high net worth individuals and also have some very unique needs particularly when it comes to retirement and pension planning.  As a result of this and given my passion for “helping those that help others” I have decided to focus on the specific requirements of these groups of individuals and focus on solving the unique problems that they face when it comes to financial planning.

My overall mission is to give back to our communities by offering a sense of understanding and planning that will help guide their financial lives individually and through their families.

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